Online Marketing requires new and stimulating visual content

Visual content that communicates and compliments the valuable information you want to share with your audience is the pillar of any successful marketing strategy. Whether you are a fashion boutique, an amazon retailer, a lifestyle company, or even a professional stunt man, you are going to need a constant stream of revenue building images and visuals to promote your business successfully , using today’s online mediums. Its a simple concept, but one that often does not receive enough priority and is done poorly leading to damaging results.

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Visual Creation Services

Victor Quintana

Branded Content Audit

A great way for start-ups and established businesses to develop a visual blue print for their online content marketing and create seamless brand alignment with the values they want to communicate.

Visual Brand Audit

My comprehensive audits are perfect for local and international clients that want to give their brand or business a new direction visually. Whether you are a startup or an established business looking for a better way to market yourself through images, this package provides you with a set of personalized tools, image concepts, and curated inspiration to do so.

My audits are a one-time cost and clients receive all of their visual brand deliverable within two weeks of their consultation.

What the visual brand audit includes:

  • Comprehensive intake analysis that gives me insight into your target audiences, brand positioning, current visual marketing materials, unique selling points, and online competitors.

  • One-on-one 30 minute Skype consultation to determine your visual content marketing goals, resources, challenges, and personality.

  • Content blueprint which includes a visual storytelling strategy, three core visual concepts to leverage for your content marketing, and a curated Pinterest board of visuals that align with your business or brand.

  • A concise recommendation list of visual storytelling strategy, three core creation tools to help you execute your content marketing in-house efficiently, consistently, and in alignment with your particular brand or business.

Victor Quintana

Standard Visual Creation Package

Perfect for brands and businesses that need a consistent stream of professional images for their online marketing efforts. Clients are delivered a new batch of web optimized images every single month.

Social Media Basic Package

Social media packs offer clients one photo session per month to ensure your business or brand has a consistent stream of brand savvy visual content to enhance your online marketing efforts. Monthly shot list are established in collaboration with the client before each photo session.

A three month minimum commitment is required.

What this package will include:

  • Monthly consultation to establish your visual content marketing goals and direction

  • Collaboration on monthly shot lists to ensure new images every month

  • 1 professional photo session on location or at your place of business

  • 30-35 web optimized images curated for your business or brand

Victor Quintana

Premium Visual & Design Package

An excellent solution for businesses or brands wanting to contract out their visual content creation without agency fees. We collaborate closely with community and marketing managers to deliver beautifully photographed content month after month.

Premium Branding Pack

The perfect media solution for established brands or businesses that want to contract out their visual content creation for a fraction of agency costs. I collaborate closely with community managers and marketing directors to provide a media rich package of visual content every single month. This packages focuses on making a client’s visual campaign extraordinary and enhances the success of their inbound marketing over time.

Out premium media packs have a minimum three month subscription fee.

What this package includes:

  • Monthly shot list collaboration

  • 2 professional photo sessions per month on location or at your place of business

  • 50 - 60 edited images delivered digitally curated to your business offerings

  • 2 social media designs optimized to reflect your brand

  • 1 designed Instagram Highlight story